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Advances in energy research Volume 1

Morena J. Acosta Morena J Acosta

New York : Nova Science Publishers 2011

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  • Title:
    Advances in energy research Volume 1
  • Author: Morena J. Acosta
  • Morena J Acosta
  • Subjects: Renewable energy sources; Mechanical engineering; Electronic books
  • Contents: ""ADVANCES IN ENERGY RESEARCH.VOLUME 1""; ""CONTENTS""; ""PREFACE""; ""TROPICAL CYCLONE-OCEAN INTERACTION:NUMERICAL STUDIES""; ""Abstract""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. Numerical Models""; ""2.1. Mixed-Layer Ocean Model""; ""2.2. Diurnally Varying SST Scheme""; ""2.3. Ocean General Circulation Model""; ""2.4. Regional Atmospheric Model""; ""2.5. Regional Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model""; ""3. Oceanic Response to TCS""; ""3.1. Observation""; ""3.2. SSC Formation Processes""; ""3.3. Turbulent Kinetic Energy and Upper-Ocean Stratification""; ""4. Oceanic Biochemical Response to TCs""
    ""5. Idealized TC-Like Vortex and SSC""""5.1. Idealized Numerical Experiments""; ""5.2. Model and Experiment Design""; ""5.3. Effect of Central Pressure Evolution""; ""5.4. Effect of Structural Change""; ""6. Numerical Simulation and Oceanic Conditions""; ""6.1. Mature Phase of Typhoon Namtheun (2004)""; ""6.2. Intensification Phase of Typhoon Hai-Tang (2005)""; ""6.2.1. Reanalysis and Observation of Hai-Tang""; ""6.2.2. Ekman Pumping and Oceanic Preexisting Conditions""; ""6.2.3. Impact on TC Intensification""; ""7. Atmosphere-Wave-Ocean Coupled Model""; ""7.1. Background""
    ""7.2. Wave Model""""7.3. Impact of the Sea State""; ""8. Conclusion""; ""References""; ""THE FUTURE OF ENERGY:THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE""; ""Abstract""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. Renewable Energy""; ""2.1. Water Resources and Desalination""; ""2.2. Wind Energy""; ""2.3. Biofuels""; ""2.4. Landfill""; ""2.5. Solar Energy""; ""2.6. Fuel Cells""; ""2.7. Hydrogen""; ""2.8. Ethanol Production""; ""3. Nuclear""; ""4. Distributed Generation""; ""5. Hydropower Potential""; ""6. Biomass""; ""7. Sustainable Development""; ""8. Cost Comparison of Diesel and Wind Pumps""
    ""8.1. Privatisation and Price Liberalisation in Energy Source Supplies""""8.2. Greenhouse Gases Emissions (GHGs)""; ""Conclusions""; ""References""; ""TROPICAL CYCLONE-OCEANINTERACTION: CLIMATOLOGY""; ""Abstract""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. SST and TCHP""; ""2.1. SST""; ""2.2. TCHP""; ""3. Ocean Data Analysis System""; ""3.1. Model""; ""3.2. Assimilation Scheme""; ""4. SST and TC Intensity in the WNP""; ""4.1. TC Activity in the WNP""; ""4.2. SST and Central Pressure""; ""5. TCHP and TC Intensity/Intensification in the WNP""; ""5.1. Statistics""
    ""5.2. Environment for Rapid Intensification""""6. TCHP and TC Activity on a Climate Scale""; ""6.1. Background""; ""6.2. TCHP Climatology""; ""6.3. TCHP Variations""; ""6.4. TCHP and Atmospheric Response on a Seasonal Scale""; ""7. Conclusion""; ""References""; ""SUNLIGHT AND SKYLIGHT AVAILABILITY""; ""Abstract""; ""4.1. Extraterrestrial Illuminance as the Availability Criterion""; ""4.2. Parallel Sun-Beam Illuminance and the Ground-LevelAvailability""; ""4.3. Sunshine Duration as the Time Descriptor of SunlightAvailability""
    ""4.4. Sky Luminance Distribution as the Determinant of Skylight""
    Description based upon print version of record.
  • Publisher: New York : Nova Science Publishers
  • Creation Date: 2011
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (339 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-61728-231-6
  • Source: 01GALI USG ALMA
  • NZ MMS ID: 9913729668502931

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